Today we exchange two words together with MonoPhaze, a Florentine producer and DJ who loves synth modular and machines.

1. Hi Lapo, what year was this 2019 for you?
Well, it was a quite good year in terms of musical productions, but less for gigs in club, always looking forward to bring my music to clubs.

2. When did the passion for the electronic genre begin?
It started off about 7 years ago, i just turned from punk rock music as a drummer, to electronic vibes such as Techno/ Dub Techno/ Deep house, it all began watching music productions on you tube.

3. What were the reference figures during your musical journey?
I just got many inspirations for the music i produce, and artists such as Alex Bau, Marcel Dettmann, Vril, and also Dustin Zahn were so important for my direction.

4. Are you a computer artist or do you have a predisposition for analogue?
I was born as a computer artist from the very beginning, then shortly i switched to real synths and machines, to develop better my skills for the musical productions.

5. A job that you have recently release and that you are particularly attached to?
I’ve released some months ago the “APNEA / DISPNEA” EP through Deep Electronics label from Amsterdam, and i’m very stuck with it cause i feel so comfortable when i play on my live sets and podcast shows.

6. Your new single “Vibes Only” will be released in January, do you want to tell us something?
yes it will be released worldwide on january 3rd on preview and it’s just a single track ep and it talks about Deep House this time.

7. Future projects and / or collaborations?
For the moment i don’t have any scheduled collaborations or stuff like that, i just want to focus more on my gear and stuff, would like to improve more my studio gear and my skills with analog and modular stuff.

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