Interview and Podcast together with Alnö, Swedish DJ/producer and founder of “Gbgtechno” and “Deep x Heights“in Berlin.

1. Hi Alnö, tell us about your musical journey. When and how did you discover electronic music?

Well, my older brother has always inspired me and influenced me a lot when we were growing up and he got me into electronic music, Eurodance, beginning of the 90’s.
Already at young age I had a big interest in music and sounds and thanks to my dad, a notion of quality soundsystem.
My musical journey started in my early 20’s, it was all about traveling and living abroad. Discovering the world, I got influenced by all sorts of music, from the culture but also from the people I met along the way, exchanging/sharing CD’s and so on. But it was the European club scene, around the late 90’s, where I discovered techno for the first time.

2. Three adjectives to describe your music?

Dynamic, Hypnotic and Driving.

3. Some tracks that have influenced you most in the past?

Plenty of course but let’s mention Princeb-“Purple Rain”, Madonna-“Vogue”, Sinéad O’Conner– “Nothing Compares to you”, Queen– “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Robert MiIles– “Children”, Guns n Roses– “November Rain”, Moby– “Why does my heart feel so bad”, Fatboy Slim– “Right here, right now”, The Knife– “Heartbeats”..

4. How did the pandemic affect your daily life and that of your country? How are you planning your daily-life now?

The situation in Stockholm hasn’t been too bad actually, even though statistics say it has been different. Social distancing of course and home office for many but Swedish society and Stockholm in general has been rolling, stores, supermarkets, restaurants and so on has been open, only regulated by a 50 person limit. Bigger events and nightlife has been put on hold.
I wasn’t affected that much since I normally work part time from home but the fact of not been able to travel and meet friends and family for such a long time, really got me but also such a dark period for the scene financially, cancelled events, “Deep x Heights” in Berlin included but also other fields/smaller private businesses, clubs and bars struggling not to close permanently.
As a result of Covid, I have been spending more time in nature and I’m glad it has become a daily routine for me. Nature has always been important, almost meditative, clear my mind but also where to find creativity, inspiration and new perspectives.

5. What goals do you want to achieve as an artist?

At the moment I don’t have any specific goal as an artist but I wanna have the possibility in the future, to be able to express myself in some kind of music/art form and be creative in my everyday life, with no hidden agenda.
Since I haven’t played for very long, I wanna continue to learn, improve and develop and never stop exploring music and new sounds from “both sides” of the booth.

6. Main hobbies besides music?

Since I’m working part time as a freelance writer and entrepreneur/curator/event holder, writing, reading, skissing, planing, making researches and so on are also my hobbies but except from that I’m interested in design, fabrics and second hand/remake ( sewing/clothing ).
Since I grew up in the North of Sweden nature, forest and ocean is important and I spend as much time as I can doing outdoor activities, walking, snowboard or running but also big fan of traveling, meet new people/cultures.

7. DJ and producer but also founder of two projects such as “Gbgtechno” & “Deep x Heights“, what do these new jobs represent for you and what prompted you to start it?

Gbgtechno” for me, is a forum/way of connecting and exploring techno. It started as an account on Instagram, me sharing snippets from DJ sets mainly from the underground scene in Gothenburg ( Gbg ) but also from travels.
I wanted to show the diversity of DJs and new sounds, explored together with the crowd, IRL. ( The same reason behind the event series ).

8. An episode of “Deep x Heights” that you remember most?

The Berlin premiere was really something, a night that I never will forget.
To be able to gather some of my favorite, upcoming and established artists under the same roof, in Berlin, sharing a dance floor and booth, connecting people and new sounds together, is for me very special and I’m proud and thankful for having the opportunity. It was such a great night, including all you can dream of, the lineup, soundsystem, new and old friends creating such a great vibe together.

9. Future projects and collaborations planned?

Not much at the moment since of Covid but I’m working on some other projects. I’ve got some podcasts upcoming and might look into moving back to Berlin next year.
At the moment I’m working on expanding “Deep x Heights”, soon becoming “Deep x Heights Creative” with new collabs/other areas involved but also extending the community and improving communication and ways of interacting and connecting between artists/agencies/clubs. ( Recently DxH also launched a monthly podcast series, same vision as the event series; mixing new and established artists )

10. What Mix have you prepared for Tech Clubbers?

It’s a mix exploring contradictions, intensity, pulse and energy including deeper, darker and some lighter sounds, for me expressing the world order at the moment, the challenging spring and summer season marked by Covid, the lessons we learned and the strength and positivity coming out from it.

Good listening..

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