Interview with the DJ/Producer, originally from Stuttgart and raised in Rome, Jürgen Degener. Fresh out on Planet Rhythm with his latest “Azid LSD” EP.

1. Hi Jurgen, your new EP has just been released, how did your collaboration with the prestigious Planet Rhythm label come about? Were you inspired by anything in particular?

It’s all born in a causal way , with the help of my manager Helmar Teti. I was really mad because I couldn’t place this ep , especially on importants labels . Then my manager said to me to try with Planet Rhythm and do the release also on vinyl , because of their work also as distributor.
But it was only a hypothesis because we didn’t talk with them and to be honest I was really sad that I neither think to that. Thanks gosh that there is someone that bring me in the right way and then started this amazing collaboration with Marco, the owner of the label and the rest of the group.
The inspiration of this ep born as a sequel of my last releases, Expecially because I had a long period of stop with covid -19 , but I found the right inspiration that bring me to that.

2. And with V / Plasm? When and how did you meet?

We meet with V/Plasm, thanks to Helmar, that put us in contact to realize the video of one of my track.

3. Second State, Analytic Train, Autektone and Planet Rhythm..Your next goals?

Nice question, to be honest, every time that I fix a target, new roads were open, like this collaboration with the label.

4. How would you define your music and which are your roots?

My roots played an important role. When I was young i listened a lot of rock, indie rock, minimal and hip hop. This allowed the development in these years of energic productions but with vocals and melodies.

5. How has your work routine changed and not just over the course of this year?

The pandemic changed everything gigs cancelled. What was the best thing? Don’t stop and renew myself, doing music and wait the re-start.

6. What do you miss most that the pandemic has taken away from you?

The choose, going to party and of course to play .

7. Do you have future jobs that you would like to anticipate?

For now I have all in stand by, I don’t want to talk before of the time.


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