Tom Hades


Interview with the legendary Belgian DJ/ producer Tom Hades aka Sigvard, fresh of new EP for the label Materia and expected guest at ADE.

01. Hi Tom, how are you? How did your last DJ-Set at “De Volle GrondFesten” and “Amsterdam Techno Session” go?

Hey! I’m doing good, thanks for asking! The sets went very well. Always nice to bring some new music to the crowd and to test out some fresh studio tracks. I will never get tired of this!


02. How did you experience these two difficult years of pandemic? 

I guess a bit like everyone with the exception that mine got extended due to a severe accident i had during that period. I had to recover for about 10 months so during that time any additional effort was so difficult that i spent little time in the studio. But hey, now i’m back and catching up on that lost time.

03. How do you think the pandemic affected the electronic scene?

I think it affected in a way that a whole new generation and styles suddenly came up very quickly. It is a good thing that music is evolving constantly. I just hope we will not get into that typical consumer society that we all know. Let us make and listen to timeless tracks, the ones that bring you goosebumps and shivers and that will stay in your head and memories forever. There are plenty of consuming things already that we know and kind of have to follow so please, let us not do this with music.

04. Going back in time, when was the moment you realized that music would be the path of your life?

I’ve been always attracted to creative things but the moment i got my hands on a tracker software (on my Amiga! ) at the age of 11-12 I think I got bitten by the addition really hard. All the rest is history I guess.

05. How would you describe the evolution of your music from your beginning to today?

My music is always been my outlet of my emotions of the moment. So if you listen to my whole discography you will hear & find plenty of different styles and arrangements but all have one thing in common: they express my “moment in the studio”.


06. Which moments and/or people do you remember most?

There are so many moments that i remember: the first big gigs, the first gigs outside Belgium, the ones with close friends and the known after-after-after parties, the ones where you have to end the party but that end never comes..Too many to be honest! But they all bring a smile to my face, even when answering these questions.

07. Speaking of friends, I can’t think of Marco Bailey, where recently did you come out on MATERIA with the EP ‘The Flowers Hundred‘ with your new alias, when and where did you meet? What does “Sigvard” mean to you?

I met Marco thru a common friend and we quickly start to produce together in the studio. That felt from minute one like a perfect blend so we kept on going for all those years. I released my album on his Materia imprint because i wanted to start of my Sigvard story on a place where i feel comfortable. Marco has always given me the possibilities of bringing out my music and sharing it with everyone so i couldn’t imagine a better imprint for this project. Sigvard for me is going back to my initial roots where i just had a few things in my little studio but where the creativity never felt higher. So i tend to do the same now by really limiting myself to some gear and record this on the spot. Human feel that brings that organic touch to tracks, that is the one i’m looking for.

08. Next October you will play with Marco at the ADE x “MATERIA KLUB NIGHT”, how do you feel about the event?

Always excited !! I love Amsterdam! I love ADE! And i love the guys behind the concept so what else to ask for 🙂

09. 3 tracks you’re particularly attached to?

From my own: all the more downtempo tracks of my Sigvard album. Those are really a reflection for me what music producing means to me. From other artists: “Aphex Twin – On”, “Boards of Canada – Reach For The Dead” and anything from Speedy J’s early days.

10. Future goals?

Making more music, playing more gigs and just having more fun.
But now..Enjoy the Mix 🙂


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