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Interview with Antonello Teora, DJ and Italian producer based in Berlin class 96′, fresh debut on the record label Code Is Law and in the collective Berliner Syncretism.

1. Hi Antonello, when you started your DJ/producer career?

I moved my first steps when I was 12, when fascinated by what was for me a new world in those years I decided to learn, as self-taught, the basics of production. Then over time, the constancy, and the constant desire to explore that has never left me again came the first records and the first feedbacks.

2. What was the first event you attended and what memories do you bring with you?

The very first event was a showcase, in 2015 in Rome, for a Roman label with which I worked at the time supported by thick names such as the professor at the University Tor Vergata Enrico Cosimi, Furtherset, Vaghe Stelle, etc. in a festival dedicated to interactive and digital arts. I remember how lucky I felt to share a stage with such important characters when I was actually just an 18-year-old who came from nowhere.

Antonello TimeShift

3. What do you want to communicate with your music?

The main focus has always been one: the ability, sometimes forgotten, that each of us has to change the world but first of all changing themselves. Change intended as an improvement. I mean the world as an answer to what we are in our small, and it is only with the improvement that the world can improve and evolve.

4. You have recently released in a Various for the well-known label Code Is Law. How did your collaboration with the label come about?

I get in touch with Code Is Law a few years ago, from a simple exchange of ideas and their interest in my music. Over time we have continued to exchange ideas and visions and from there we have never stopped to do it.

5. Recently you’ve joined the Berlin collective Syncretism, how it started? What kind of crew does it represent?

Syncretism now represents a home for me. Since I moved to a city as difficult as Berlin, without knowing anyone, they have always been my point of comparison and reference. The label is a collective that has two fundamental points: the quality in the things that are done and a continuous evolution that bases its foundation on the value of the individual.

6. What are your current and future projects?

At the moment I’m focusing on many new works and ideas including a new participation on Code Is Law and an EP on Syncretism. With certainty I can not say anything except the fact that there are new ideas every day and more and more.


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