Samantha Togni


Let’s go..We presents today the eclectic artist Samantha Togni, italian DJ/Producer, mix engineer of international fame, resident in London at Boudica, EGG, INFERNO and out on Loose Lips with the latest EP.

01. Hi Samantha. Can you start by introducing yourself and saying what your background is? When did your DJ / Producer adventure start?

Heya! I am an italian DJ and producer based in London. I run Boudica which is a platform for women and non-binary artists in music, we are a radio show, a party at The Pickle Factory and a soon to be vinyl label. Music has always been a huge part of my life, starting to DJ and produce was a natural progression. I started DJing for fun at underground parties many moons ago with no expectations, just a big love towards the rave scene.

02. How would you define your musical style? An artist or group that has most influenced you?
I would say my style is groovy and fast, hard and uplifting. My big time heroes are The Prodigy, they are the perfect balance between Electronic Music and Punk, my two main influences growing up.

03. Resident of Boudica and EGG of London, when did you starting?

I launched Boudica at the end of 2019, we have so many exciting things planned for the year ahead, a lot of parties with awesome guests and the second edition of Boudica Music Conference in October.
I have been at EGG for a long time now, Djing there nearly every month, there’s always a great vibe.

04. How are you spending your time in this pandemic period?

I spent the first part of the lockdown making music like crazy, my ears were bleeding at one point! I never spend so much time at home, it gave me the chance to really strengthen my production skills and really dig into some of my new hardware in depth.
As well as on my music, I worked a lot on myself too. This year definitely gave me more time to reflect on how to take care of myself and be calmer. I am a bit of a workaholic and don’t really know when to stop working, now I make sure that there is a time where I reconnect with nature and spend some quality times with my loved ones. Understanding how important these moments are was really important.
That said, things have not always been great, these last months have been pretty harsh, especially for us people working in music and entertainment. I have questioned things a lot and sometimes felt like there’s no point anymore, but then I remind myself why I do what I do and how much I love my community and this gives me the push to move forward and keep on working on my projects.

05. What do you think will change in the electronic scene when it is all over?

I hope there will be more awareness on wellbeing and people will feel more comfortable in reaching out to others when they are going through tough times. The music industry is a mentally challenging environment to be in, I hope people will speak up more about how they feel and encourage others to do so.
I hope to see more diversity within line-ups, rosters etc. Promoters, organisations and bookers need to be doing the extra work and give visibility to those who are underrepresented.

06. Now let’s move on to your latest EP on Loose Lips, how did your collaboration with them come about? What were you inspired by?

The Loose Lips crew and I have been collaborating for a while now, we did a bunch of stuff on Threads Radio together and I also played at their party at The Cause last year with Umfang, it was so much fun! It just made sense working together on this EP. I wanted to experiment with different grooves and create something that could work outside the clubs scenarios. Torn Relics and Kortzer did such an amazing job with the remixes, so happy about the outcome.

07. Do you have collaborations / works ready to be released in the coming months?

I have an EP coming out on Obscuur in collaboration with Lady Maru and Julia Govor, I also have an EP coming out on vinyl for Pls.UK in September and at the end of the year I have an EP out on RAW, which agency I recently joined. I am also working on my album at the moment and other collaborations, excited to keep on working on my sound and developing new material in the future!


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