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Interview with the young and beautiful dj / producer Swedish Billie Jo ( Street Life RhythmRottweiler Gothenburg ) , symbol of .WAV , who recently became the protagonist in the famous Berlin club Tresor.

1. Hallå! How did your DJ / producer career?
I always loved exploring new music and the feeling I get from finding a new favorite track/artist. It gives me butterflies. As a kid I used to make my own mixtapes on my minidisc(hehe) so I guess the interest started there. When I grew older and started going out I was asked to throw a party at one of the trending clubs in Stockholm back then, and when they asked who I wanted to book, I just thought… eh, let’s give it a try – I want to play! Needless to say, I was hooked.

2. How would you describe your music in three words?
Fast, dark, playful!

3. What you send you the music?
It represents myself and everything I feel, my way daily life, happiness and freedom. Music is everything!

4. How is the current political and musical situation perceived in Stockholm (i.e. see the fight for Bassiani)?
The rave scene in Stockholm is fantastic and it just keeps on flourishing. But there is always a risk, and parties do get shut down. That’s not stopping anyone from doing what they believe in though, rave is not going anywhere anytime soon.


5. What artists have influenced you over the years?
I love 90’s techno and that’s mostly where I go for inspiration. I also have a thing for trance music from the same era, as well as motown, soul and world music – anything from Japanese to Arabic. I’m influenced by all the music that has been the soundtrack of my life.

6. Have you recently made his debut at one of the most famous Berlin club Tresor. what did you feel?
Yeah! Needless to say – I was nervous. Tresor is such an amazing venue, and I had a great time. What I’m left with now is a hunger for more, so I’m hoping to play in Berlin again soon!

7. You have just released “LIFE 10”. Where did you make it and what your main source of inspiration was?
My studio is currently my bedroom, so yeah – that’s where it’s made. I was going through a shitty time last fall and the EP was a way to express and get rid of my emotions, to me it’s a story being told.

8. We have heard of “.WAV Sthlm”. We’re too curious: When did it all start? Record outputs? How is it managed?
.WAV is a techno collective consisting of DJs, producers and promoters, as well as an ambulating underground club series. It started last year in March with a mission to normalize women within the techno scene – gender should not matter, what matters is the quality of the music, and that’s what .WAV is – quality techno music.

9. You also won the “New female DJ of the Year 2017” by Elly Awards. How did you react? Did you expect?
I didn’t prepare for that at all, up on stage I had no idea what to do or say – I think all I said was ”Thank you” and left? Haha. But I’m so humble and happy for the support I get, the award was really a cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake

Elly Awards

10. Future projects?
Currently working on my next EP, as well as some collaborations. Stay tuned 😉

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