Interview with the dj, artist and producer Fabrizio Pasetto alias Gaiden 外伝, dj resident at the Tropical Animals party in Florence and co-founder of the techno party Sainte Cècile.

1. Where are you from? Where do you live? When did the Bloodymary project start?

I was born and raised in San Felice, a village in the middle of Circeo National Park, in the southern part of Lazio, Italy. It is a special place, where nature is the undisputed ruler in all its forms. It is a continue source of inspiration for me, I have a very close tie with this place. My musical project is everyday a tribute to my most loyal travel buddy.

Bloodymery 1

2. How old were you when your passion for electronic music started? Who was the most influential figure for you?

My first real approach dates back to my childhood, thanks to my father’s records collections and his musical taste ( I loved it, even if I did not understand anything…I was a little boy. ) among his favourite artists Jean-Michel Jarre, Enigma, Sistem7, The Orb, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze…they left the first real imprinting in my music. However, I don’t think to have just a single point of reference, my story as an electronic music lover can definitely give thanks to 3 figures that have changed my way to conceive and produce music but also to listen to it.

3. What is for you the best moment of the day to spend in the recording studio?

I spend a lot of time choosing records and carrying out researches before a gig. If I feel inspired, I try to devote my time producing a record, but this is possible only if out of the recording studio I can spend my time reading a book, running in the forest, going to the beach, getting inspired by what is around me and can give me some emotions during the day. If I do not have any of that I will not probably go to the studio for days. My relationship with music is strongly linked to my mood.

4. Which kind of music do you like to mix during your typical dj sets? Is there a past gig you vividly remember?

Techno, electro, break beat, ambient, pop or any old or modern track that can touch me emotionally. I have never wanted to categorise my music or to be part of a specific genre, also in my life. Yes, 2015 opening party at Tropical Animals with Tom Trago.

Bloodymery Tropical Animals

5. Let’s talk about Tropical Animals, a party made in Florence. When did you join it?

In 2010, when I was only 21, I started to go clubbing at Tropical Animals. By that time, Ricardo started his tropical adventure at Babylon Club in Florence. After that, I was invited playing for Tropical in May 2015, during one of the last gigs of the season. On that occasion, I got to know better all the members of the crew. Many of them were already my friends or clubbers I used to hang out with. I really liked it! My only thought was: «I want to be part of it! »
Some months after that, during the summer, I got in touch with Ricardo ( Tropical Animals‘ AR ), he asked me to prepare a mix that he would judge after he had listened to it ( the podcast is still online on the Soundcloud page of Tropical Animals ), after some days, I discovered I would be part of the party roaster as a resident dj. Such a bombshell! After a month, I played with one of my favourite dj, a real fruitcake, Tom Trago.

6. Where does Tropical Animals take place? Which kind of party is it? And what about its clubbers?

In 2015 Tropical Animals changed location, moving to the historic Club21, in the beating heart of Florence ( historic because it was the first Florentine club to obtain the license from the municipality to become a discotheque ).
It is an underground club ( in every sense ), it is provided with an amazing Martin Audio system that has been appreciated over the past few years by many of our guest artists, such as Avalon Emerson, Boris, Glenn Underground, Soichi Terada, Dj Hell, Massimiliano Pagliara, Adiel, Dj Seinfeld, Chez Damier and many others.
Tropical Animals clubbers are part of a fantastic fauna of people, colours, ethnicities and religions from all over the world. It is a happy island where everyone is welcomed to live a unique experience, free from any kind of prejudice. Here, only music really matters.

Bloodymery Club21

7. How has club culture changed in Florence over the past few years?

It has changed, developed and sophisticated! Florence has always been a city full of interesting realities both in terms of music and art. I hope it will be the same in the future.

8. Let’s now talk about Sainte Cécile…how did this idea come about? What kind of club culture does it support? Who are your guests?

I have joined Sainte Cécile some years after its creation by Ricardo Baez and other guys who had already worked for Tropical Animals.
In a nutshell, Sainte Cécile is Tropical Animals‘ techno and experimental brother. It explores new sounds and musics. Among the different guests we have hosted: Spencer Parker, Boddika, Aurora Halal, Mattia Trani, Borrowed Identity, Anthony Parasole and Dj Red ( one of my favourite female djs ever ).

9. Last year your single ‘The Field Where I Died’ was released. What about your production? Any project or future collaboration?

The Field where I died” and “MEL” are two tracks that I produced last year at the end of my formative experience at Roma Sound Design; they have never been released on a label ( so far ). I really love these two tracks because the first one is dedicated to my favourite TV show ( XFILES ), and especially to the title of an episode, after which the track is named. “Mel“, instead, is the village where my grandmother was born. Yeah, I am such a romantic boy ( ahahaha ). My next step will be in June, when I will be out on Tropical Animals ( that has also become a label for a few months ). I won’t say anything more because I don’t want to jinx it, but future is full of interesting projects!

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