Interview with the Polish visual artist Martinovna, a member of techno collective Mødule. Her style oscillates between the manual forms of meaning ( like drawing, painting, graphics ) and digital technologies.
Visuals of Martinovna were accompanying during the performances of artists as Kangding Ray, Ancient Methods, SHXCXCHCXSH, Remco Beekwilder, Setaoc Mass, Cxema, Kiasmos, ACID ARAB, Keith Carnal, I Hate Models, Phase Fatale, Blazej Malinowski, Invite, Dimi Angélis, Amotik, Głós, Sept, Rommek , and many many more.

1. Cześć Marti, tell us something about yourself, when and how have you become a Veejay?

After many years of following such great artists as Björk, Ryoji Ikea, Alva Noto, Kangding Ray, Autechre, Amon Tobin, AFX and Monolake, I was full of inspirations, and the idea of what I AM gonna do in my life became very clear. I’ve been following their audio visual statements and I realised that the visual makes the sound complete. I decided to start VJing exactly two years ago at Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice Festival, as I saw the performance of Interference Crew including Rybskie and Derubare – Polish visual artists. I was standing in the crowd like nothing else was there, just the sound and the huge LED screen with really incredible visuals. I was thinking like, “I wanna try to do the same things, try to catch the audience.” A month later I went to a VJ workshop with Lucas Gutierrez and I started working with Modul8 software. Later, it was just an evolution of technical matters. I met Warsaw based VJ collective – Visual Family Collective and took some practical lessons from the guys.

2. When did you approach electronic music for the first time? And when did you decide to combine music, images and videos?

I’ ve heard “Vordhosbn” by Aphex Twin in 2006 for the first time and since then I couldn’t look at electronic music the same way. Earlier, I was even some kind of videoclip connoisseur, the works of Chris Cunningham for example are still one of my biggest inspirations.

3. How do you get inspired for creating the best video & music mix?

Creating the visual for the concrete sounds is very impulsive and ephemerous, it’ s a spontaneous process which is being driven by my moods and environmental opportunities. I AM not basing at any storyboard or plan, just giving 100% of my feelings at the moment. Some people can treat it as a mistake but this is my style of working – rearranging my workspace a thousand times is normal for me during the creative process. I AM taking a motive and associating it with another and another, until the video is done. I AM experimenting with the structures, human body elements, dynamism and abstractive forms.

martinovna 4

4. Which is the software you use to support your creative process?

Technically, now I’M using resolume arena for the VJ mix, then editing some parts in Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

5. You performed as a Veejay in many different clubs in you country, Poland. Which is the most significant event that you remember?

My most significant memory from Polish shows is definitely an audio visual performance with Błażej Malinowski during Media Lab powered by Slap in Wrocław last year. It was a very intense trip that I haven’t even expected. It was also a huge lesson for me, this show pushed me to more professional kind of performing. I like performing at P23KATOWICE, the Silesian club. I remember how I was VJ-ing there during the SHXCXCHCXSH live, as a totally fresh video performer. That was huge for me.

6. You recently performed in Valencia together with Kangding Ray at Volumens Fest. Tell us what happend in the backstage. Which were your feelings?

The meeting with Kangding Ray was very exciting and I was a bit scared before the performance, one of biggest inspirations in your live is a kind of challenge, I’d say. The atmosphere and people who was responsible for the Volumens Festival in Valencia was an incredible experience, soo much joy and super friendly treatment.

martinovna 3

7. We saw you in Milano at MX Lab along with Ancient Methods, which are the memories you brought with you from Italy?

About the Milan gig, I’ve a lot of great feelings, because I was invited and hosted by a friend of mine, an excellent Italian VJ – V/Plasm. Generally the journey was really inspiring and we had a lot of fun with the MX Lab Milan crew. Hope for the reunion some day.

8. We know you are part of Mødule. When did you jojn it? What Module crew stands for you? And what people think about Module?

I started beeing part of Mødule in 2017, we became friends very quickly. Mødule is a techno-oriented series of events. The project was born in 2012 in Katowice and since then, it has been operating effectively on the techno stage of southern Poland. Mødule put a lot of emphasis on freshness at our events – we are concerned with the universality and repetitiveness. This translates to interesting and sophisticated bookings. I think we are doing good job with our gigs, u have to check this! This month for example we have A R T S Showcase at Gothic spot in Wroclaw. I can’t wait for that event.


9. Kangding Ray, Amotik, I Hate Models, Phase Fatale and many other DJs worked with you in the past. Which are your next steps? Where can we follow your sets in the near future?

I have some big plans for upcoming seasons, but still cannot announce it. Gonna be published via my social media for sure..Stay tuned!

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