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Fresh interview with Marco and Paolo, Italian DJs and producers based in London who recently released their latest album “Lost Knowledge” on Aeonic imprint.

1. Neapolitans of origin based in London, what pushed you to this country?

Around 2013 we decided to move to Sydney ( Au ), it has been an amazing experience and it allowed us to spend a lot of time together in the studio.
After the Australian experience we wanted to move back to Europe and London was just the easier choice at the time.

2. Your musical style in three words?

Moody, atmospheric and techno.

3. When is your best time for studio productions?

Weekends or when we don’t have to work as we love to experiment for a long time with different ideas and patches. Afternoon and sometimes evening works best, but during this pandemic we had just a few occasions to spend time together in the studio.

4. What makes you want to start a track? How do you organize yourself to start it?

Paolo ( le visionnaire ) never starts playing, thinking to make a track. Marco’s ( TVA ) process is different, he likes to record everything and listen back after some time to see if there’s something interesting.
Usually we choose to jam with just some of the instruments in the studio and if something interesting comes out we will save the project, to be able to rework on it if I want in future.

5. What future do you see in the electronic scene due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Hard to predict, but we think slowly everything will move from the venues to new streaming platforms. There are also many spaces that are becoming less focused on the dancing part of the club and more on the listening, so people can sit around a table, enjoy a drink and listen to a dj or live set. For someone may be not really exciting, but now maybe it’s better than nothing.

6. Answer Code Request, Reshape and Lake People have Remixed your latest productions on Aeonic, how did your collaboration with them start?

Alex Niggemann asked us for a list of artists we like, we had a list of great names and at the end we are glad he made this possible. We are super happy about the remixes outcome as they are all different and all adding something special to the album.

7. And with Alex when did you meet?

We contacted Alex via email with some demos probably back in 2015. He liked two tracks and decided to release them on Soulfooled. When we moved to London we met him just before Aeon‘s showcase in a fantastic venue and since then we started a friendship that goes behind the music. We met Alex many times in Berlin and more recently in Rotterdam with his lovely family. Before collaborating to the album, we had the opportunity to release our music first on Aeon back in 2016 and now on his new sub-label Aeonic.

8. Collaborations and future works?

We hope to have the possibility to play the album live and to collaborate with more artists, but we know that this is really hard because of the pandemic. The only thing we can do right now is spend more time in the studio and try to come up with some more interesting music ideas.

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